Cold Bore Portfolio

– Active –

Regiment is a contract security firm platform. The Regiment platform aims to scale in advantageous geographic and customer end markets. Regiment has an extensive network of security teams, company partners, resources, clients, local area experts, and affiliates throughout the country.
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The Pets Wellness Alliance platform invests in the veterinary and pet service industries. PWA’s strategy is to create or acquire businesses that increase the convenience of high-quality medicine and wellness from veterinary to grooming and everything in between.

– Realized –

We are former US military Special Operators who founded American Landscaping Partners with a belief that we can apply our unique strategic planning, team building, and execution skills to the US landscaping industry. We are rooted in Selfless Service, in the belief that putting the welfare of others before yourself is the cornerstone of success. 

American Dental Affiliates invests in the dental services industry. ADA’s goal is to consolidate and grow quality dental practices, partnering with lead dentists to foster a patient first culture by providing the business and operational tools needed to enable physicians to fully focus on administering exceptional care.

Optio Rx is an owner and operator of specialty compounding pharmacies.  Optio Rx’s mission is to partner with exceptional specialty pharmacies to provide best in class patient care in a broad range of therapeutic classes including fertility, hormone replacement therapy, veterinary, and dermatology.